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  SUGAR   Go to the top

Origin: Brazil
Icumsa: 45 RBU
Polarization: 99.80 %
Ash content: 0.04 %
Moisture: 0.04 %
Color: Sparkling White
Solubility: 100 % free Flowing
Radiation: Normal Certified
Granulation: Fine
  SUGAR ICUMSA 600 – 1200  
Origin: Brazil/South America
Icumsa: 600 – 1200
Polarization: 96.00% Min
Ash content: 0.09% Max
Moisture: 0.09% Max
Color: Brown
Solubility: 90%
SO2: 20 PPM
Granulation: Fine

  CORN/MAIZE   Go to the top

Origin: Brazil
Grade: # 2
Test weight: min 54 pounds per bushel
Protein: min 9 %
Humidity: 14.5 % max
Damaged kernels: 8 % max
Moisture: 2.5 % max
Starch: 73.4 % max
Fiber: 2.1 % max
Radiation: none
Aflotoxin: max 20 % (10ppb)

  SOYBEAN   Go to the top

Origin: Brazil
Protein: min 35 %
Oil content: 18.5 %
Test weight: min 54 % pounds per bushel
Moisture: max 14 %
Foreign material: 2 % max
Damaged kernels: total 2 % max
Heat damaged kernels: 0.5 % max
Soybean of other colors: 2 % max
Splits: 20 % max

  Procedures for agriculture products   Go to the top

Buyer issues Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO bankarized), BCL, ICC WARNING, + Passports copy and NCNDA.

Seller issues a draft-contract to the Buyer by fax/e-mail for acceptance and signature.

Buyer signs and seal and returns the signed draft-contract by fax /e-mail to us.

The financial instruments will only be activated after the factory accepts the contract. No financial instrument will be accepted without the consent of our factory.

Buyer's bank confirms availability of the Financial Instruments to the Seller'sand their readiness to issue. The format/ text of such Financial Instrument tosupplied by the Buyer's bank and approved by the Seller's bank.

Seller forwards four (4) hard copies of original final contract signed and stamped to Buyer by DHL or similar courier.

The buyer signs and returns 2 hard copies of original final contract signed andto seller by DHL or similar courier.

The foresaid Financial Instruments to be non operative.

Seller agrees that the Performance Bond (PB) 2% will be issued after receipt of the BG FULL OR SBLC FULL, non operative Financial Instruments, for a time period of 12 months.

The Performance Bond (PB) 2% activates the Financial Instruments. Over the first BG FULL OR SBLC FULL.

The First shipment will commence no later than 45 (Fourteen) days from date issued of the operative Financial Instrument. The remaining consignments will be Shipped in each 30 (thirty) day periods.

Effect of payment for each consignment shall be effected within 5 (Five) banking days after receipt by the Seller's Advising Bank of all documents required for payment.