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Origin : Russia
Our Sellers are the "Big League" players in petroleum with direct allocations of large quantities of crude and refined products. We are therefore able to offer D2, Mazut and Jet Fuel at best price and discount. We do both SPOT and contract deals on FOB and CIF basis.

Russian Petroleum Products Offers



The Refinery/Seller is offering a substantial price discount (negotiable) on FOB/SPOT DELIVERY.

CIF price is being offered with special consideration and terms offered through REFINERY ALLOCATION RETAILER COUNCIL; as the requirement forbuyers as all products sold through Refinery exports standard via FOB-terms ONLY. For C&F, CRF or CIF, transaction must be facilitated via theRefinery Allocations Retailer Council as the Refinery will only sell product via FOB terms.

The Retailer Council has been structure, retained and appointed to facilitate a full FOB to CIF transaction and handle all contracts, agreements, fees and Letters of Credit on behalf of the Refinery/Seller.


Irrevocable, Non-Transferable, Divisible, Assignable, Confirmed, Unconditional, Operative, paid 100% At Sight upon presentation of agreed documents. Monthly Payments will be by 100% At Sight-RDLC or Revolving Documentary Letter of Credit (RDLC), for the value of minimal of two months, issued by a top 20 World Bank, to be active, operational, and valid for the full term of the entire contract and with payment 100% at sight, against all required and agreed shipping documents as set forth in final sales contract.
The payment of the "DLC" or "RDLC" shall be made to the Refinery/Seller via the Seller's indicated Bank, and all payments will be upon the presentation 100% of each and every shipping document at the destination port introducing CIQ, CCIC or SGS to ensure the quality forward to the Refinery/Seller. The Buyer will receive the Bill of Lading as well as the quantity and quality certificates approved by SGS or equivalent international Inspectors, available at each loaded vessel at port of loading


# Position (acting as) of company and/or person, if official buyer's mandate, mandate certificate must be presented. If broker, agent, marketing facilitator, an NCNDA and IMFPA will be signed and negotiation will be held directly with buyer's mandate.

# The Refinery (END SELLER) will require Soft probe authorization and ICPO issued directly to them via OJSC PET TRADING / ABC GLOBAL BUSINESS dated not later than 7 days from date of issue; Mandate authorization to commence transaction on behalf of end-buyer.

# The Refinery (END SELLER) is the paymaster and will endorsed IMFPA by Russian state notary and international independent chamber of commerce and irrevocable promise statement/ post dated draft/check to cover each intermediary commission will be issued from Refinery ' s bank to buyer's side paymaster.


The Refinery/SELLER will exclusively sell the herein named and described products via its approved REFINERY ALLOCATION RETAILER COUNCIL (RARC) and on the terms of FOB to CIF as the Legal representative having full authority to sign and distribute contract as herein described to facilitate the transaction between Buyer and Seller. Upon receipt of the Refinery/SELLER'S FCO with signatures, the Buyer will acknowledge by returning a signed copy of the FCO to the SELLER within 72-hour with soft Probe authorization.

1. Against the Buyer's bank confirmation via e-mail/fax or Swift, that the Buyer is RWA to make payment by swift RDLC/MT 103-23 covering one-month quantity for each month, The (RARC) bank shall immediately confirm availability of product via SWIFT.

2. The RARC (seller) issues draft contract open for amendments (Buyer returns the Contract signed and sealed), contract is lodge with the competent authority to approve the required allocation quantity for export.

3. Both parties lodge contract in their respective bank, RARC (Seller) issues final banking coordinates to buyer for the issuance of POF by MT799, SBLC or any other way of showing POF upon confirmation, seller through it holding bank confirms by swift to buyers Full proof of product (POP) and authorize the dip test.

4. Upon confirmation of the POP, the Buyer issues Financial Instrument not later than 48 hours.

5. RARC (Seller) bank issues to buyer's bank 2% PB to activate instrument.

6. Delivery of the product shall commence 10-15 days upon receipt of Bank operative instrument.